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Component Design

Component Design

Analysis cavitation

Analysis cavitation

internal and external aerodynamics

Internal and external aerodynamics

Knowledge + Decisions = Development

Competitiveness has become the cornerstone for the growth or even survival of many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In order to improve it, SMEs must face design challenges that involve complex physical phenomena.

Advanced Engineering is the most effective means of obtaining key technical insight, thereby dramatically improving decision-making and helping overcome those challenges.

This methodology is applicable to any sector and generates value for any stage of the value chain, from product design to production processes, feasibility analysis, certifications, etc.

Advanced Engineering is not an expense but an investment, returning differentiation, competitiveness and innovation.

Your R&D partner

We make our customers play an active role in all our development processes. This enables us to benefit from their product knowledge and develop a customized methodology for every case.

We are positive on the benefits that Advanced Engineering delivers for all our customers. For this reason, we also take part as Risk Sharing Partner in certain cases, thereby reducing risks to zero for our most conservative customers.

Our development services are suited for:

Engineering firms (facilities, Processes and Infrastructures), Architecture Studios, Product Manufacturers, Public Administrations, ESCOs and Certification Bodies, Machine manufacturers, etc.

Some application areas

Structural Analysis, Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Harness and Vibration, virtual wind tunnel, turbulence and stability analysis, smoke and pollutant dispersion, aeroacoustics, phase change, splashing, cavitation, combustion, chemical reactions, mixing, separation, illumination, radiation, spectral analysis, greenhouse effect…


Design and management of mechanical testing up to 1.500 Tn (static & dynamic), Electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC), test tooling design, instrumentation & data acquisition, virtual testing, certification, CE marking…


Project Management, CAE iterative development methodology, value chain analysis, technological benchmarking, Design & Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA & PFMEA)…

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