Energy Efficiency

“Efficiency through advanced engineering”

You don’t know how to evaluate the Energy Efficiency of your design?


Simulación energética dinámica

Dynamic Energy Simulation

Análisis y mapas de confort

Analysis and maps comfort

The new design parameter: energy

The higher energy costs and growing concern for environmental and sustainability issues has brought Energy Efficiency into the spotlight in both architecture and industry sectors alike.

Advanced Engineering achieves a deep technical insight, enabling a better understanding of the thermodynamic phenomena and an evolution of the design towards a more efficient use of energy.

A question of attitude

For Ingeenious Energy Efficiency is an attitude, the will to evolve the design one step beyond and analyze it from a new perspective that assesses the efficient use of energy.

We help our customers benefit from Advanced Engineering to include energy assessment into their designs, combining the power of current computational tools (CFD, BIM, etc) and our multisectorial background.

This new perspective becomes an investment that returns innovative solutions and a significant performance enhancement for any design.

Application areas

From intelligent buildings to industrial cooling systems, Advanced Engineering is applicable to any project or design in which heat transfer plays a significant role.


3D analysis of double and ventilated facades, solar loading, lightning analysis, psychometric and adaptive comfort mapping, ventilation modes analysis, drafts and air circulation, yearly energy simulation, studies for zero energy footprint, passive (Passivhaus) or near zero energy (NZEB) buildings, reporting for energy certification (LEED, BREEAM, VERDE, etc), spectral analysis for glazings, greenhouse effect


Design and optimization of components for energy cycles (evaporators, precipitators, heat exchangers, burners, solar catchers, etc), for hydraulic facilities (channels, gates, spillways, turbine housings, etc), for climatization systems (solar chimneys, natural ventilation, free cooling, CPD cooling, etc), placement analysis for mini-eolic turbines…

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