• Soluciones efectivas
    al alcance de su mano

    Benefíciese de las múltiples posibilidades que la Ingeniería Avanzada le brinda a su negocio

  • Diseñamos soluciones
    a medida

    En Ingeenious cada proyecto es diferente
    pero los resultados son los mismos: excelencia y competitividad

  • Ser bueno no es suficiente,
    hay que ser el mejor

    Nuestro equipo de ingenieros especializados,
    le darán las herramientas para hacer más competitiva
    su empresa

Advanced engineering for SMEs

You do not know what Advanced Engineering can deliver to your business?


Análisis aerodinámico

Aerodynamic analysis

Arquitectura sostenible y eficiencia energética

Ventilation and comfort in buildings

Simulación para pymes

Product Design

We improve your competitiveness

We are a consulting firm specialized in development through Advanced Engineering in the fields of Architecture, Industry and Energy Efficiency.

Our main goal is improving the competitiveness of our customers, for which we deliver our expertise in R&D Project Management and computational engineering (CFD+FEM).

We are located in Barcelona and work for both national and international customers.

Why Ingeenious?

We are oriented to Small and Medium Enterprises because we are positive on the qualitative breakthrough that Advanced Engineering may deliver to them.

The potential of development is usually set by customer´s product knowledge and engineering insight. We help our customers benefit from Advanced Engineering by teaming up with them and customizing a development methodology for each case, sector and budget.

INGEENIOUS combines an engineering background gathered in the automotive and aeronautical industries with a creative mindset and proficiency in computational tools

We are well aware of the effort that R&D implies for most SMEs. For this reason we become their development partner, working 100% goal-oriented and even taking part in Risk Sharing Projects.

Why investing on Development through Advanced Engineering?
  • It dramatically improves decision-making: by quickly delivering privileged technical information about multiple design choices.
  • It cuts down development costs: keeps prototyping and testing to a minimum.
  • It shortens time-to-market: by downsizing development times.
  • It reduces risks: by enabling to address complex phenomena even on early stages of product cycle.
  • It is an investment that returns Quality, Innovation and Differentiation from competitors.

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